Q1 Retail Intelligence: Fuel & C-Store Industry

Consumer behavior and the factors that influence retail foot traffic

Discover how location intelligence produces powerful retail insights that can drive brand performance. Cuebiq and GasBuddy examined foot traffic in the $600 billion convenience store and fuel retailing industry across the U.S. in Q1 2018. Download our latest Foot Traffic Report for brand and retail insights, consumer behaviors, visit trends and much more.

Key Q1’18 Highlights Include:

  • Foot Traffic Rankings: See which brands captured the highest average footfall per station
  • Consumer Visit Trends: Learn when consumers visited gas-stations and c-stores
  • Ratings and Foot Traffic: Discover how above and below-average rated stations performed in terms of foot traffic

Winning At Retail: Driving Footfall in an Omnichannel World

77% of Retailers Know That Footfall Measurement Helps Drive Revenue Growth

As the retail world continues to push toward an omnichannel future, substantial change is being driven by online-only retailers and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. While this shift is substantial for traditional retailers, consumers still value a physical retail presence. In order to help retailers, we’ve commissioned this study with the Ascendant Network to provide them strategical research and recommendations.

Download the study to learn:

  • How to plan against new sources of competition.
  • How to effectively measure foot traffic to physical stores.
  • How to leverage online to offline insights for strategic planning and more.

Interested in knowing more or would like a guided walk-through of this study by a Cuebiq representative? Contact our team of experts.

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