Fueling Innovation With Data: The Power of Platform as a Service

PaaS is the key to unlocking new uses for mobility data to create truly innovative insights.

According to Forrester, 90% of data and analytics decision makers believe it’s a priority to increase the use of data insights in business decision-making. Our new white paper explains how a platform as a service such as Cuebiq Workbench is key to innovating with data, as it empowers marketers, developers, and analysts alike to build custom, data-driven solutions to fit their needs, all in a privacy-enhanced environment.


Download the white paper to learn:

  • Why a platform-as-a-service solution is ideal in the current climate
  • How democratized access to data enables innovation without compromising on privacy
  • How Cuebiq Workbench can solve your unique analytics and marketing challenges

Fueling Innovation With Data: The Power of Platform as a Service

57% of QSR marketers are using location data to enhance their attribution capabilities and to better understand consumer behavior

According to 451 Research, 97% of QSR marketers plan to increase their usage of location data over the next two years. However, they are not focused on more traditional use cases (e.g., geo-fenced promotions) but for more advanced use cases like attribution and analytics. 


Download the study to learn:

  • Advanced QSR use cases for location data
  • Maturity levels of QSR companies in using location data
  • Recommendations for QSR marketers looking to implement location data today!

Interested in knowing more or would like a guided walk-through of this study by a Cuebiq representative? Contact our team of experts.